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Reg No R 1671 Anson Battalion Royal Naval Division

Mr J F Young has been killed in action in France on August 27th 1918. After some time spent in the service of the Church Army and particularly in charge of the Chester No2 Diocesan Van, Mr Young was invited to join our staff as a lay reader at St Laurence Church.

There are many who bear witness to his great gifts as a speaker and to his earnest and conscientious work here. He took over the mens bible class at the Memorial Hall and also conducted a week day mission service in five crosses, and frequently took the services at the Bridge Mission. After his marriage he lived at Manley and did good work there , and when the Frodsham Auxiliary hospital was opened he visited there., and took many of the Sunday afternoon services, his plain and clever addresses being much appreciated. He had begum his special studies with a view to being ordained as a clergyman – when the war began, so on this ground he was exempted from enlistment in the army for a time.

He later resolved to devote himself to more special War Service sand left our staff to join a naval hospital in Lanarkshire under the control of the Church Army. When that work came to an end he was at home for a time before joining up. After some time spent training, he went out as a signaller but he had only been out about 6 months.

We believe that his work here has proved of value to many. That he was a good man we know and some of us also know that his life and his power were founded on his keen faith. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and little son in their sorrow and loneliness.

Buried at Warlen Court British Cemetery