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This is the companion ‘Blog pages of Great War Frodsham.

Our main site has been created to remain static as a testimonial to all those who served in The Great War. World War 1 is remembered as one of the most bloody and horrendous wars in world history. We wish to share and educate the people of the 21st Century about a war that shaped the 20th.

The site is not produced by “experts” or Great War aficionados. The ‘blog is written by everyone who wishes to contribute and learn from each other about the First World War; Why it was fought, how it was fought, how people suffered.  Our focus is on the impact it had on Frodsham, Cheshire. We honour family members of our town. Above all we aim to  respect all points of view and not imposing any particular opinion on others. We sk that you have the same respect and consideration when submitting content.

Through linking and sharing, our Frodsham Great War Group hope we appeal to all with an interest or connection to those that fought, suffered and died in the Great War. As the Great War Centenary approaches, It is essential that something as significant and great as the First World War is remembered not by the few but by the many.

We would hope that the Frodsham Great War site becomes a lasting, respectful tribute to all those who gave their lives during The Great War.

We want to hear from you, your town, your family. Share your memories with us.

Please Note: All images and copied texts used on the site are believed to be in the public domain and free of copyright unless specified. We aim to attribute all content to the holder of any copyright. If you believe any content either here or on our main site compromises your rights, in the first instance, please contact us.